Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does my cell phone bill need to be in order to use Saveutel?

There are no restrictions. We can reduce cell phone rates regardless of the amount spent per month.

What effect will reducing my cell phone rates have on the level of service?

Saveutel will reduce cell phone rates without reducing or interrupting your cellular services in any way.

What happens if we are in a cell phone contract?

We can reduce cell phone rates whether you are in a contract or not. Saveutel’s services are about improving your situation with your current cellular provider.

We use multiple cell phone providers. How will that affect our savings?

We can offer you savings on all of your accounts, regardless of the number of cellular providers used.

How long does it take before reduced cellular rates take effect?

Expect savings and reduced cellular rates – in the form of a refund or credit – within approximately 60 days after hiring Saveutel.

Do we have to change cell phone carriers to reduce cellular rates?

We can achieve significant savings while retaining all of your current services with your present cellular provider(s).

How do you reduce cellular rates?

We do this via a ‘cellular audit’ which involves a review of your past and present cell phone bills.

How far back will Saveutel audit our cell phone bills?

We start auditing cell phone invoices received over the past 12 months, reviewing every charge. In some case, we go back even further, increasing the amount of your cell phone refund and/or credit.

Do we have to photocopy our bill each month?

No. Saveutel is known and trusted in the cellular industry. With your permission, your cell phone provider will forward us a copy of your monthly cell phone bill, at no cost to you.

How do we calculate the savings?

We send you monthly reports, detailing your savings and reduced cellular rates. We benchmark by comparing what your cellular rates were prior to using Saveutel versus your reduced cellular rates and savings following the commencement of our services.

Why do cellular providers make so many cell phone billing mistakes?

Most cell phone billing errors are the result of flawed billing systems and human error.

What does Saveutel charge for its services?

Our fee is only a percentage of what we save you.  In a nutshell, if you don’t save, you don’t pay.