Telecom Billing Services

Our business is focused on telecom billing services which helps Canadian and US companies better manage their telecom spending.
On average, a company’s telecom and cellular billing can account for more than 20 per cent of its total IT budget, which makes telecom expense management and cost control a mandate for any company serious about saving money. In fact, most companies can reduce their telecom billing by implementing a telecom expense management program, one that seeks to control and manage costs and includes:

Cellular Billing Audits

  • Reviewing and auditing past and present telecom and cellular billing
  • Recommending solutions that reduce cellular billing costs
  • Implementing cellular billing and cost saving solutions

Cellular Phone Management

  • Making recommendations when cellular purchases are being considered
  • Placing cellular orders on your behalf, ensuring you receive the best value for your cellular budget
  • Performing regular cellular billing audits, ensuring billing compliance

Fund Recovery

  • Investigating telecom and questionable cellular billing practices
  • Uncovering cellular billing errors, documenting overcharges and claims
  • Negotiating refunds and/or credits for telecom billing errors on your behalf

Telecom Consulting

  • Telecom billing dispute resolution and consulting services
  • Telecom hardware RFP consulting
  • Telecom services RFP consulting (local, long distance, frame relay, data, internet and wireless services)

Outsourcing your company’s telecom billing services allows you to focus on your core business, while also saving time and money.