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Saveutel is Canada’s leading Telecom Expense Management Company.

Saveutel offers solutions and services to manage today’s complex communications environment. No matter what your business size, Saveutel has solutions tailored to meet your company’s needs.

Saveutel mandate is to reduce wireless costs, improve visibility, and improve overall wireless carrier experience.

Saveutel works with fortune 100 companies in Canada and the United States. We help organizations make strategic, well informed decisions on how best to minimize their wireless costs, maximize visibility, improve security, and increase user productivity.


Expert Advice:

  • Identify and prioritize areas of improvement needed
  • Creation of a company cell phone policy
  • Full security assessment
  • Improve staffs understanding of current state of affairs, including new CRTC rulings
  • Charting a course towards goals
  • Measure progress towards goals on a monthly basis
  • Provide a study on BYOD (Buy your own device)


Wireless Audit:

  • Complete line by line audit of wireless billing over the past 36 months.
  • Identify past one time billing errors and possible current reoccurring errors.
  • Have carriers issue 100% refunds
  • Provide detailed error report showing billing errors found on a line by line basis
  • Have billing errors corrected.
  • Monitor monthly billing to identify any new billing errors and have them corrected.
  • Alert company when serious billing issues arise.
  • Dispute extreme and unfair high roaming charges on past invoices
  • Many times refunds obtained by Saveutel pay for this service for many years to come.
  • Company keeps 100% of all refunds and savings obtained by Saveutel

Wireless audits are our specialty. Saveutel’s bill audits have uncovered and recovered tens of millions of dollars for clients nationwide. Studies show billing errors occur on 60 percent of invoices. Saveutel estimates, businesses in Canada are losing approximately 330 million dollars each year due to billing errors and overcharges.


Hardware Management:

  • Ordering and decommissioning of devices when required
  • Hardware recycling program eliminates all Telecom devices in a safe and environmentally friendly manner
  • Simplified one stop contact to easily procure, register, and activate devices and services
  • Provide 24/7 End user technical support
  • Identify unused lines and minimize their costs
  • Obtain accurate line contractual information
  • Place unused lines currently on contract on temporary suspension
  • Manage pool of spare lines and reinstate them when needed
  • Replace, activate and change SIM cards
  • Determine best phone number exchange for users, and process telephone number changes when required
  • Voice mail activation and pass word reset
  • Reduce early terminations fees by obtaining cancellation allowance from wireless provider
  • Obtain hardware upgrade eligibility and preapproval
  • Obtain Hardware warranty information and facilitate the process of having hardware repaired
  • Arrange hardware replacement through carrier warranty program
  • Ensure hardware rebates are applied and accurate
  • Centralized management of enterprise-wide ordering and requesting of vendor services
  • Upon request provide billing detailed information to end user and management team
  • Obtain accurate hardware pricing information


Cost Control:

  • Advanced Real-Time Telecom Expense Management
  • Eliminate bill shock by proactively monitoring usage and charges real time.
  • Fully optimize and manage mobile assets with a total expense management solution
  • Alert users and administrators to possible security risks
  • Optimize costs through consumption tracking
  • Identify and correct billing errors on a monthly basis
  • Dispute charges that are extreme and out of the ordinary
  • Obtain refunds for past billing errors
  • Implement safe guards to prevent unauthorized charges and services from being added.
  • Reduce USA and International roaming charges by negotiating lowest pay per use rates with carrier(s)


Contract Management:

  • Capture and maintain all contract data, terms, and conditions to achieve optimal audit results and anticipate upcoming renewals.
  • When requested, obtain wireless proposals from all wireless providers.
  • Provide pricing matrix comparing pricing, network, hardware, service
  • Review all wireless offers and provide feedback
  • Obtaining “Best and final offer” from wireless carrier(s)
  • Ensure all pricing discounts, bonuses and terms are correctly being applied by carrier
  • Assist in the transition from one carrier to another


Benefits of using Saveutel:

  • Improved End User experience
  • On average 20% – 40% wireless cost savings
  • Simplified ordering and decommissioning of hardware
  • Reduced international roaming charges
  • Eliminate bill shock
  • Maintain highest service levels possible
  • Convenient loaner phones available when needed
  • Maintain highest level of wireless security possible
  • Ensure new services are not added without company authorization
  • Ensure Carrier(s) adhere to all contractual terms
  • Complete transparency of wireless usage, charges and services
  • Staff directly involved in billing will have a better understanding of new CRTC rulings