Telecom Consultants

A privately held company, the Saveutel team is a group of seasoned telecom consultants that save companies time and money. We act on your behalf, as a liaison between you and your telecom provider, reviewing your corporate telecom billing and spending to save you money.

Often, telecom billing errors and other erroneous charges are uncovered, resulting in refunds and/or credits for you and your company.

There is no risk. The only payment we receive is a percentage of what we are able to save you.

The Saveutel Difference

Experience – With more than 15 years of industry experience, Saveutel has some of the brightest minds in the telecom industry. Employing former telecom and cellular consultants from the major carriers, we specialize in helping you control and manage your organization’s telecom costs and services. The result? Reduced telecom spending and increased savings, while retaining superior service levels.

Company History – Since 2004, Saveutel’s telecom consultants have performed over 100,000 telecom audits for various Canadian and USA companies, saving them on average 23 percent – or more – on their annual telecom billing. This has translated into the recovery of millions of dollars for our clients.

Our Clients – With offices in Toronto and Montreal, we help small, medium and enterprise level organizations across Canada get the best value for their telecom budget. Focused on corporate usage, our telecom consultants help public, private, government and non-profit sectors save money.